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What is Somatic Experiencing?

Did you know your body actually responds to danger before your brain? Trauma and stress are such visceral experiences with visceral symptoms so we cannot expect to treat trauma by simply talking or thinking about it. We need to safely, in a titrated and supportive environment, feel and move our way back into optimal functioning. 


Our brains and bodies are still very much the same as those of our ancestors who lived under constant threat from predators and the elements. We come equipped with truly incredible survival instincts and innate mechanisms that keep us safe. When we are unable to protect ourselves from overwhelming events or something that feels like "too much too fast" we can become traumatized and display myriad of symptoms. Using Somatic Experiencing techniques we can help your system complete self protective responses that have been "stuck."


Somatic Experiencing is a treatment modality developed by Dr. Peter Levine to holistically treat symptoms of trauma. This is a body-centered approach to creating deeper and faster healing from a single traumatic event or from a lifetime of complex PTSD or stress. When we are able to truly pause and listen to our bodies we can bring our nervous system back into alignment. This is not "exposure therapy" where you retell your trauma narrative over and over again. We will work from the bottom up and let your body process and renegotiate the way it was biologically designed to. 

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